Hey everyone! My name is Seth and I’m the author here at Tabletop Crazy. I also built and maintain the site as of the time of writing this.

A little bit about me, I am 22 years old and a currently enrolled college student. Modern board games are something that is fairly new to me, especially in comparison to a lot of you who have found this blog. I’ve been playing Tabletop RPGs for about the last 5 years, and have only recently gotten away from them to play shorter form games.

My Board Gaming History

The first real modern board game I ever owned was Arkham Horror. After playing that I was immediately hooked and have had a passion for board games every since. I got my closest friends into them, since they had already played Dungeons and Dragons for me with for years it wasn’t a big ask.

They were immediately as hooked as I was. Since then we’ve played many games like 7 wonders, Dominion, Munchkins, and Bohnanza. We are always looking for new games to play too! So if you know of one that you think is really fun or that we specifically would be interested we would love to hear from you.

Why I Created Tabletopcrazy

I created Tabletopcrazy for people out there like me who love board games, and want to purchase new ones. But, like me, are very busy and don’t always have time to go onto Board Game Geek and sort through hundreds of games to find ones that they want.

So I write weekly reviews of new games and old games that I like to help you guys make your own decisions about what games you want to invest your time and money in.

Also I write board game news almost every day if not every day, that pertains to a new game that is coming out. Usually a Kickstarter game. That interests me, for those of you that like to keep up on games that are coming out. Or if you like to fund games on Kickstarter, this might be the blog for you.