Dungeon Hustle: A Quick, Quirky Dungeon Crawler

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

Seth Ryals-Fernandes is the owner and main author at TableTopCrazy. His love for modern board games is still budding, and he enjoys writing here at TableTopCrazy as a hobby.

Dungeon Hustle is a new game from Wiz Kids. The game has a really unique hook to it called “hustling”, which is the movement system in the game. It also has a lot of hand-management. With some RPG elements thrown in for good measure.

A Short Synopsis of Dungeon Hustle

Dungeon Hustle is a fast paced dungeon crawling game with light RPG elements. The game can be played with 2-4 players. The goal of the game is two-fold. The players must work together to stop too many monsters from escaping the dungeon. But while they are doing that each player is competing for Victory Points. They do this by gathering gold, leveling up, getting items, killing monsters, and completing quests. Each player has a unique class, which they choose at the beginning of the game.

Before we talk about the gameplay loop we have to talk about some setup elements or else the game will make no sense at all. You should know that the setup requires you to place a 7×7 grid of tiles out. Leaving out the corner tiles and the two tiles adjacent to them in each corner. As well as the leaving the tile in the middle of the board open, as the remaining deck of tiles go here.

Every tile has a color and symbol on it, the purpose of which will be discussed later. The players then takes their turn. Each turn has several steps which will be outlined here:


The first step of your turn is the Hustle phase. It is the namesake of the game, and in my opinion the coolest phase. During this part of your turn you will move your character through the dungeon by jumping from tile to tile. You can only move to adjacent and diagonal tiles. The player can “hustle” for as long as you can go without stepping on a tile that is a new color. After your hustle is over you then pick up all the tiles you stepped on. Excluding the one you are now standing on.

Wandering Monster/Combat:

This phase is really two phases. The wandering monster phase requires that the player who just moved refills the tiles they took. If there are any monster attack tiles they must either play a shield tile or discard a tile. After that the player must fight a monster if the tile they are standing on has one. Then play continues to the next phase.


If the player ends their turn on one of the corner tiles that has an active quest on it. They can discard required tiles, listed on the quest, to complete it. Each quest gives the player a certain amount of gold. Quests also contribute to end game scoring.

Monster Movement/Spawning:

If there are 4 monsters on the board you don’t spawn a monster, if not another one spawns along the outside edge of the board. After that a tile is drawn and any monsters that have a matching symbol on their tile move one space closer to the center (exit). If too many monsters escape the game ends.


At the end of your turn you have the resting phase. The resting phase allows you to purchase items for gold. Also you can recharge any items that were used that turn by discarding their required tiles.

That is a quick synopsis of the way the game works. The rulebook is over 12 pages so there are some things that are left out. The full rules can be found here.


  • 96 Dungeon Room Cards
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 4 Helper Cards
  • 20 Quest Cards
  • 30 Item Cards
  • Gold Tokens
  • Corner Tile Tokens
  • Rules

Overall Thoughts:

The game looks super fun. If you agree you won’t have to wait long for it. Because it comes out later this month! August of 2017! I think the whole “hustle” mechanic is really cool and interesting. Besides that they seem to have the RPG elements well implemented. Having kind of a quick dungeon crawl game is not new to the tabletop gaming world by any means. But I have to admit that I’m a sucker for these kinds of games.

Long story short I’ll end up picking this up when it comes out for sure. I like the box art, which is the only art we really have seen so far. I like the concept of the game. It seems like it could have some really good strategy to it. Without having too many rules to keep track of. If you’re looking to get into a new game for a smallish group of people. Especially one that is a dungeon crawler, I think Dungeon Hustle could definitely be a game you can look forward to.


Seth Ryals-Fernandes

Seth Ryals-Fernandes is the owner and main author at TableTopCrazy. His love for modern board games is still budding, and he enjoys writing here at TableTopCrazy as a hobby.

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