Enchanters Is A Fantasy Card Drafting Game With Quick Rounds And No Bookkeeping

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

Seth Ryals-Fernandes is the owner and main author at TableTopCrazy. His love for modern board games is still budding, and he enjoys writing here at TableTopCrazy as a hobby.

The Quick Details of Enchanters:

  • 2-4 Players
  • 14+ Age Group
  • 30-60 minutes
  • Releases Dec. 2017
  • Currently funded on Kickstarter
  • Fantasy Theme
  • Card Drafting mechanics
  • $25 for Full Game
  • Print and Play Available on Kickstarter Page

The Full Sauce

Enchanters is a new game developed by Gindie and Ludibooster. It touts itself as easy to learn and play. So easy to learn and play in fact, that it can be learned in 2 minutes. Already I find this hard to believe. I wanted to get this complaint out of the way early, because my biggest complaint about the Kickstarter. I mean it took someone more than 2 minutes to explain Seven Dragons to me, and they were already well versed. I don’t see how a game that is guided as 14+ and takes 30-60 minutes can possibly be faster to learn than Seven Dragons. Besides that complaint, I really do think the game looks good. But let me explain it for you in case you might think this is your cup of tea.

What is Enchanters?

Enchanters is a fantasy themed card drafting game. The basic gameplay revolves around each player “going on a quest” every turn. The goal of this quest is three fold. The player can:

  • Pick up item cards, which will serve as the item they Enchant (eg. A Long Sword, or Staff)
  • Pick up enchantment cards which will augment the item the player has selected
  • Fight enemies to score points

Seems pretty simple. I mean maybe the 2 minutes isn’t as far off as I originally thought… Although I don’t know why the game says 14+ then…

Now that I’m done beating that dead horse I do think the idea of the game is really cool. You keep the monsters you kill and they serve as your score at the end of the game.

Okay I feel like I’ve heard this one before

You might be saying this game doesn’t seem very original. That I might have to agree with you on. While I cannot think of a game that mirrors this one exactly, I think reading it I wasn’t really struck by the uniqueness of the game.

Where the game did strike me was when I was reading about the cities, and the variety of decks you can choose from. There are 6 Kingdom decks. When you play you choose one for each player. That means if you play with the maximum players there are still two decks unused. This creates an amount of permutations that could be calculated by someone who is smart enough to know more than the meaning of the word permutations.

Besides the Kingdoms decks, there are a multitude of villages to choose from. Villages are the life blood of the variation in Enchanters. You only choose one village per game. villages determine not only the actions each player can take on their turn, but also the cards the player needs to score points. The game was initially only going to have 6 villages, but through stretch goals the game would currently ship with 13 villages, plus a multitude of other choice differences.

Again someone with more of a background in math can probably calculate all these choices you have and how many times you can play the game without using the exact same cards. But let me tell you it’s a lot. I don’t know how many exactly, but I would say that 70 is probably a  pretty conservative number.

Overall thoughts

While Enchanters might not have a new catchy mechanic, or a really unique theme. I think the game will be fun. If nothing else it can be a good game for parties or company that isn’t as modern board game friendly. It could definitely be a good time passing game, and might even be good for playing with kids. As the game seems pretty light in its theme and I think the 14+ rating is a little heavy handed.

Enchanters isn’t something I will be contributing to. But if it makes it to retail I would definitely consider picking it up if reviews are good. I think for the right person it could be a great game that could get a lot of play for a long time.

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

Seth Ryals-Fernandes is the owner and main author at TableTopCrazy. His love for modern board games is still budding, and he enjoys writing here at TableTopCrazy as a hobby.

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