Founders of Gloomhaven: The Spinoff We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Founders of Gloomhaven: The Spinoff We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

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Founders of Gloomhaven, A Competitive City Builder

Founders of Gloomhaven, as you might guess. Is from the same developer as the original Gloomhaven, Cephalofair Games. It is a cooperative competitive city builder game. As far as the timeline, Founders of Gloomhaven is a prequel to the original game. It takes place when Gloomhaven was first being built. Players will work together by pooling resources to build buildings.

But you said it was competitive!

While the players work together to build buildings, it is not a cooperative game. Players compete for score. The way that you score is a little hard to sum up in a few words, as the game is pretty complex. But I’ll do my best.

Every player will start the game by choosing a race. Each race has a resource that it automatically can place on the map. Each race also has two resources it can never control. The way you score points is by owning the resource tiles that are used to build different buildings.

The game is definitely a little bit complex to understand. But if you want more this video sums up the rules very well. And as you might expect from Cephalofair Games, once you learn the rules they are very intuitive and seem very streamlined.

My thoughts on the game

I had to do a little bit more research on this one to feel like I could really talk about the game and how fun I think it will be. Obviously the have a very good track record with Gloomhaven. I was a little worried at first when I was looking at this game. Because it is very different than Gloomhaven in content and genre.

But after watching part of a playthrough of the game, as well as a synopsis of the rules, I thought the game looked really fun! It seems really well designed and I’m sure it will sell well, just based on the merits of the developer. But beyond that I think it looks very replayable. The gameplay is open-ended and I get the idea that the final city will look different every playthrough.

I’m looking forward to following the game through it’s development cycle, and seeing what people have to say about it when it comes out.

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