Hand of Fate Kickstarter!

Hand of Fate Kickstarter!

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

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Hand of Fate: Ordeals, a Tabletop version of the hit video game!

It seems like it isn’t uncommon for us to hear about a new video game crossover movie at least once a year. Anymore video games have become as mainstream as movies and, in my personal opinion, have replaced books as a secondary media. But one thing that we haven’t seen much of, is video games crossing over into board games. Cue Hand of Fate: Ordeals.

Hand of Fate: Ordeals is going to be a deck-building adventure game that can be played cooperatively or competitively. From the information we have so far it sounds like the game will have scenarios which you can play through cooperatively, or you can play competitively against each other. The developers haven’t been super forward yet about how this is going to work. But you can be sure since it is coming from the developers of Burger Up, that Rule & Make will do the game justice.

On their Kickstarter page, you can find more information as well as pictures of the components that will come with the game. While all the components look good, I personally think the player boards look the sharpest.

Overall I think the game looks really good and there is really a ton of information about it out there. Definitely too much information to cover in one post. So below I have linked a recent Reddit AMA with both developers where you can find out more information. As well as the Kickstarter page for the game linked above.

In a recent Reddit AMA we found out a lot of things about the game.

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