Master of the Galaxy – The 4X Board Game of Your Dreams

Master of the Galaxy – The 4X Board Game of Your Dreams

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

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Master of the Galaxy: A Space Board Game For The Aspiring Galaxy Conqueror

Do you like Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth? Or Stellaris by Paradox Interactive? If so Master of the Galaxy might be the space board game for you.

How does Master of the Galaxy work?

Developed by Ares Games, developers of War of the Ring, Master of the Galaxy is a 4X Space board game that allows the players to use a combination of bag-building, card drafting, and tech tree mechanics to try to control the galaxy.

The game calls itself a 4x, but really there are only three ways to win. This isn’t a gripe I have with either the game or the marketing of the game. I think the term 4x captures the spirit of the game very well. I’m just stating a matter of fact.

The three ways you can win the game are to conquer another one of your opponents (eXterminate). You can build 9 spaceports (eXpand/eXplore). Or you can achieve dominance in one of the five tech trees (eXplot). Every turn you are working to achieve one or more of these goals by doing the three actions you get every turn.


  1. Draw Resource Cubes from your bag
  2. Decide how to distribute these resources between the game board and your cards
  3. Activate new card abilities and get new cards

To the best of my understanding from reading their Kickstarter page, each different Resource Cube is a different resource that serves a different purpose on the board and on your cards. For example, you might need two red and a green cube to build a new spaceport or to activate one of your development cards.


  • A Species Card: Everyone has one of these, it has your species on it and all the bonuses you get for being that species
  • Leader Cards: There are 18 leaders in the game. I’m assuming they give you varying bonuses as well.
  • Development Cards: The cards are the vaguest cards on the list. They are pretty vague about what they do in the Kickstarter. I’m assuming they are like independent abilities or bonsuses for your Species.
  • Conflict Cards: They are exactly what they sound like. These are how you implement combat in the game.
  • Government Cards: Again pretty self-explanatory. These cards determine your species’ government.

My general thoughts on Master of the Galaxy

I love space board games and 4x games. Let me just start off by saying that. I think it is amazing that the game has such a short play time. Quoted at less than 2 hours, that really isn’t too long. With this sort of play time the game is probably either very streamlined. Or the game isn’t very deep. I hope that the game is streamlined and turns are quick. Something 4X games can suffer from is too long of turns. If this game has short turns and scratches that Sci-Fi 4X itch then I’m absolutely all for it. But we will have to see how the game turns out when it is released.


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