SkillGamesBoard: A Place For Casual and Hardcore Skill Gamers Alike

SkillGamesBoard: A Place For Casual and Hardcore Skill Gamers Alike

Seth Ryals-Fernandes

Seth Ryals-Fernandes is the owner and main author at TableTopCrazy. His love for modern board games is still budding, and he enjoys writing here at TableTopCrazy as a hobby.

If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you know that classic board games are not the main focus of this blog. Every article I have written so far has been about modern tabletop gaming, and news related to it. But when I was contacted by to do a review for their website I happily accepted.

Why Classic Board Games matter to the modern gamer

Besides the obvious fact that modern tabletop games would not exist without older games, classic games like Chess inspired games like Hive. Many of these games are what got us into more modern board games. For me, Go hasĀ a special place in my heart. It was my first love as far as board games are concerned and I still play it occasionally today. But unfortunately none of my close friends enjoy Go.

Cue When I was playing Go I wish I had found a site like it. Because while I used to play on another website that was strictly built for playing Go. It was not Facebook integrated. You could not play games across all platforms, including mobile. And of course you could only play Go, instead of Go, Chess, Checkers, Majong, Backgammon, etc. There are even a few games you can play at skillgamesboard that I have never heard of. Like Renju.

Besides those unique features, skillgamesboard offers all the other things one would normally expect form this type of website. Including special options for each game. Like whether or not to include a turn timer in Chess. As well as the ability to play against the computer as well.

Does anyone use Skillgamesboard?

Actually yes. This was the one thing I was skeptical about when I accepted their request to do this review. But I logged in to play Chess, admittedly probably the most commonly played game. I only had to wait about 45 seconds for a match. Which is completely acceptable in my honest opinion.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Skillgamesboard. When I accepted the request to do this review I did it out of love for what got me into Tabletop Gaming. But I was presently surprised to find that it was a well run website with lots of features that someone who plays skill games would desire. It gets a thumbs up from me and I recommend it to anyone who loves classic board games, and wants a convenient platform to play them on. Whether they want to play them with friends, with strangers, or against the AI.

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